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A Man Like No Other: The Illustrated Life of Jesus PDF Print E-mail

Authors: Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings;                   Illustrator: Murry Whiteman


Jesus continues to be the most engaging person who ever lived, not only a man of compelling words, and incredible miracles, but also a man who treated others around him as they had never been treated before.

Now, through the brush of award-winning artist, Murry Whiteman, and the pen of authors and collaborators on The Shack, Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings, experience the richness of the One who set the world on fire. In provocative paintings and insightful prose, these three unveil the life and teachings of Jesus to show how truly unique a person he was.

Discover afresh Jesus growing up and beginning to grasp his identity as God's son, living loved through the temptations and turmoil he faced, and finally offering his own life to rescue people he loved from the darkness and fears that held them captive.

Let him become more to you than just the character in a book, a name used by those who fight over doctrine, or an empty religious icon. In him the God of the universe came and took up residence in his own creation.

The world has never been the same since.


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The Shack on the NY Times Best Seller List PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 January 2012 07:12

With 10 million copies now in print, The Shack continues on the NY Times Best Seller List for the 172nd consecutive week, including 52 weeks at #1. It has been on the USA Today Top 150 List for 188 weeks and was ranked by USA Today as the 6th Best-Selling book of 2008 and 2009. The Shack was ranked by Nielsen as the Top Best-Selling book of 2008 and the 2nd Best-Selling book of 2009.

The Shack also continues to make waves in foreign markets. It has been translated into 34 languages. In Brazil, over one million copies have now been sold and in Germany, the book currently sits at #3. The Shack has also become a bestseller in Canada, the U.K., South Africa and South Korea.

Articles about The Shack have appeared in Newsweek, Time, People, the New York Times, etc. The Shack & Windblown Media was featured in FORBES Magazine in the June 8th edition. 

We are also pleased with the success of several other Windblown titles. So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore is currently # 28 on the CBA Best-Seller List.

The Misunderstood God is Christian Retailing's Top Pick! PDF Print E-mail

"The Misunderstood God provides a refreshing and quite freeing perspective as to the true identity of Christ and the love He has for His people, as Hufford expounds on 1 Cor. 13. This is a wonderful book for anyone who is ready to rediscover Christ." - Heidi L. Ippolito

The Misunderstood God PDF Print E-mail

Windblown Media New Release

Have you ever listened to a preacher talk about God and thought, “That doesn’t sound like God.” Millions have become repulsed by the God some churches present. From birth, many Christians have been bombarded with so many contradictory teachings and doctrines that their understanding of God resembles a tightly tangled ball of Christmas tree lights. The Misunderstood God throws out that twisted mess and replaces it with the soft, warm light of truth. 

With so many confusing teachings about God and countless contradictions, misunderstandings, outright scams, and simplistic, fear-based teachings, how can we really know who God is for ourselves? The Misunderstood God analyzes some of the most common claims about God’s heart and personality, and measures them against what God has called Himself: perfect love. Through a journey into the sixteen aspects of love from one of the most well-known scriptures around the world—the “love chapter”—The Misunderstood God offers step-by-step comparisons and simple, biblical teaching to reveal the profoundly simple truth that God is, indeed, love. He has made it so easy to know His heart that even a child could understand Him. No educated theologians or credentialed pastors have a corner on the truth about God. He is not merely locked in a monastery high in the mountains. He’s not just sitting in church hoping you’ll show up. He’s not simply out traveling with the latest super-spiritual faith healer. Finding God is easier than any of us imagined. People who have spent years searching for the truth about him can finally discover that they have known Him all along. 

The Misunderstood God simplifies a generation’s tangled perceptions of God. Finding God is as easy as learning what love means. His character and personality can be known and understood. This book gives the reader permission and confidence to trust what they already know about God by deepening our understanding of what love truly is.

Listen to a God Journey Podcast with the Author of The Misunderstood God

Bo's Cafe PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 October 2009 07:42

Windblown Media is pleased to announce
the release of our newest title.

From authors John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNichol, Bo's Cafe is the story of Steven Kerner, a high-power tech exectutive, living the American dream in Southern California. However, life isn't as perfect as it seems. After another fight with his wife, he finds himself at a seedy bar far from home where an eccentric mystery man named Andy Monroe reveals that he knows more about Steven than he might suspect.

Reluctantly, Steven begins driving around with Andy in his 1970 Chevy Electra convertible, unravelling his tightly-wound world, and leading to a series of frustrating and painful encounters intended to help Steven let go of his tight grip on fear, shame, relationships, and control. Through the genuine friendship that develops, and the grace and love of a God who’s been patiently directing him to it, Steven finally accepts the very thing he’s needed all along.

A fictionalized version of a true story of healing, the profound but simple steps move from awakening to one’s emotions, to exchanging safety for messy vulnerability, and finally to transforming from self-focus to the destiny God intended. An unusually powerful story of challenging one’s fears and encouraging deep trust, Bo’s Café is a model journey for all who struggle with unresolved anger, trust issues, and a performance-based life. There is a fuller, more authentic way of living, and this semi-fictional journey of healing shows the way to find it through God’s unbridled grace.

Listen to a God Journey Podcast with the Authors of Bo's Cafe:

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